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tv   RT News  PBS  May 3, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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witch. ch we will . he credited the dress also the control of the southern city of deaths in which dozens killed in front of the pro kit for this fireball months ago who protested to the barricade. still playing ski applicant of the crimes conducted by radicals in the tech said that russia's legal forms of protest is in the east now i'm likely to do so on. i fought all the vehicles elsewhere in the region is the army advances against dissent in this if you come across what's denounces the upsurge in ukraine's lot and some
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politicians but the blame for friday's tragedy. all the victims themselves the show. eighty two to distort this might have it when it's eleven pm last night looking up the internationally. making up coverage against monday's developments in ukraine the southern city of the deaths of his more than that. dozens killed on friday in on rex that engulfed the previously peaceful area these people may find some live pictures coming up in the beginning of something violent confrontation between pro and anti government protests is and that is more than forty people being done to lie to the barricade the trade union building. michael masters two molotov cocktails into the wind is about building a friend to get back to the stupid things that you can see it simple. five people shot of the flames took a leak from the windows
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so for those who may be that there would be sleeping. many speak to some of the sublime but that is. a second chances to build and finance that he threw molotov cocktails small moments and twenty sqm green bills. he burned the two lines showing glory to ukraine. people were suffocating inside. some of those people are so disparate beaches jumped out of the windows and the mall in front of the building was just chanting glory ukraine and finishing all those people who left the building i personally saw how one man tried to ski and devoted hundred people started chasing him tell his dad death. eventually the core team to him on the ground and started beating him to death we were brought to you but some groups men and women the right sector was walking the streets looked down and what was happening around us and told the board and that is held to life. people from all the polls were brought down. the extremists attacked
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them like holds the lease is for the second building. we have to step over the proteas were coming down says. seven people were also killed two bombs that broken in the center of the city before but that the fire. careful poll finds an open auction has clashed with anti government protest is hundreds of people in both camps taking part in the scuffles. go back to this later destroyed a potent tent city for a fee offices in odessa. three cups of the situation unfolded the dresses that hold great sway central attack so this is wed fri bottom lashes that led to dozens of that erupted between those who support the country's of movies that we can. and those with an alternate nights this week but he abandoned it to follow the country in the coming days. this is way they do that. activists from both might have thought that to throw stones and molotov both hands to each other. it got to go. in the hot seat up to four people were killed. but
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with just the beginning. i was dramatic events happened he added that the african trade unions how significant that blocks away from the wheat wet wet. i began reading the first that the support is all the interim government and the air show and quite aggressive football fans and members of some of ukraine's far right groups will be away for weeks and actually mom's already this weekend. once the authorities here have been protesting the crowd first destroyed bedtime the fifth of that yet how things went on to the building opposite of that site to build himself on fire i think i went several activists have been hiding inside in the off aggression against them. eyewitnesses say that to be active in political activist and a cake than sixty thousand people from leaving the kids at the same one. when multiple have to deal with the cpc sourdough we don't have brought a pain that i've
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heard a lot of people the addicks are more than thirty people were killed at themselves. some of them bring to light all the while trying to jump out of it the guys trying to save and. yl be coming to us this morning when i wear it. doughty. on friday i read and leave out a statement on human policeman oversight. they were not the end of the predictable that said the move. what don't. stop it what no noticeable than a hundred locals of god that they the police headquarters that on a bloke in all that the mob in the punishment of those responsible for yesterday's tragedy and for the release of or anti government activists to take some fun during the unrest russia's holding kim
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responsible for the untested tragedy president putin has pulled no punches in describing the situation is the pc caucus can all expect although president has outlasted the current authorities in kyiv holding them responsible for the violence in south eastern ukraine saying that their hands are now covered in blood. commenting on the ongoing military operation the police as he offended so what's the sponsors are only provoking more pounds and now i'm not russian or any other outside player has any influence over the old people living and outdoor sports of ukraine. with no other weapons now knowing that their lives on a continuous lean beef rat hole this is according to the president's press secretary to the school also added that anyone open presents so it gives actions as illegitimate. criminals themselves. we also know that the president is closely monitoring the events unfolding in ukraine also from the angle off the russians for their actions he's deeply concerned not only about the situation
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in the country itself but also about the weight is being presented in the west saying that who and what type of democratic elections in ukraine with western nations be talking about. with an ongoing military operation conducted by cute against its own citizens. i also added that the west either doesn't understand what's really happening there on the ground or assholes and knocked on the stand at the top kids and wouldn't take any responsibility for the trek to the training that the country's ousted leader to form a cup of the billboards orchestra can be addressed near the ukrainian security service accused moscow's intelligence agencies there in abundance. they collect the goods on him because it still was he believes kid going out of his way to the shift the simple fact is the pilbara is the key approval ratings that they considered to be responsible which is russia in the rough it is very tall and majestic indeed what seems to be happening in the last week we have to be careful because we
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don't have full reports these are the only does some of the points when the soviets come along the silk is an old picture thoughts of idioms. mike's a terrible team to do that they are being what they can be disproportionate and it is true that people said they need to be back out on shelves in the hands than that he's not on an extremely severe and a terrible wrong the authorities should immediately be sent to see what has happened in my impression is on balance they support the people who don't this terrible thing in the deseret peak is they want to suppress protests against themselves. he uses geopolitical forces accept the responsibility for shooting the crisis in to get back to inclusive dialogue so what's a politician is the result of the trading stock cars among others tried putting the blame for the tragic events of the victims themselves washington's demands of others is an acceptable but failed to mention the pro cam radicals behind it the ketchikan has that some
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of the story. it's interesting the headlines in queens that were seen coming from a treat us and european news outlets did not mention the phils who were torched in odessa where anti union activist and that it was done by a group of radicals. they knew had the swedish foreign minister called bill actually suggesting that if that one on one production this fall if they were bred to get the right horrible with the t thirty eight dead he noticed the season started with pro russian attempt to get control of buildings violence must stop thinking we forget how fortunate i was getting active and by linking up with a lot accomplished. not unexpected but obviously the city from the artificial snow which is near term when commenting on the radicals attack fun in tiki theme of this without mentioning the more i stared out the attacks. british foreign secretary for example broke i deplore and regret the loss of life disappears in urgent need for restraint in stepping back from confrontation. during
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the last few are hunted high and therefore healthiest reflected at the brookings think and who wrote putting sheena had a consequence of putting in a word but well they can't go to the capital area of our time reaches of this include claims that a lot. ayden but it's somehow suggesting that what the president is responsible for the killings and not uphold you with a cold sweat actually pack the steeple of the abyss that we hear no clear denunciation of this kind of whining coming from the west especially the hat firmly if i get themselves with authorities in kiev and everyone in the rain poured over the governing new york lot of gifts received their construction. the biggest concern is that we've seen as the russian propaganda that has been. of blasted out non stop. suggesting somehow that the ukrainian government is responsible for the province in eastern ukraine. the crane government has shown remarkable restraint
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throughout this process. when obama spoke early active meeting with german chancellor angela merkel and basically just missed the whole content. i get to hear the author didn't buy much i can put the responsibility for the escalation on moscow. oh well that obama also called for support. the kids cracked from the protesting the east of ukraine. the call that a move to restore order. but still fresh because the anti government activists continued the town throats of the day in eastern ukraine the hotspots is a tip from a toast which is one of the focal point a cause for an anti kiev sentiment the like the port city of it was to get control of most of the city with auntie kim forces keeping all that is one central square. at least two people to confirm that killed in the fights and friends to this report. units in the role of the year long so i made. on leaving
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the scene of devastation as well. two boxes he could not recall i am also going to confront our smoldering shells at the moment. in the sense of its main street of the city some two hundred and fifteen system so the answer that happened a few hours ago meant to be a natural gone to the goal is to be the tree to comprising many members of the private sector to support the autoimmune replete with any acts across ukraine the national guard for sneaking into the city bonnyrigg. detective explosions going off in common to most. the minister to building was taken here three weeks ago politics proton recall referendum to base the other day. sp you buildings we report it on tv think that's just the veil we also have to get the pretty homey. i made this not for the actual gone based on the field some three km faster with fifty four support would happen to take the day coming on to that attack when we traded to the district of buildings these buildings in the
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the actress and a half cup made. more about the situation. this would yield so many people were killed. tuesday i personally carried belt one of the dead and one of the wounded. she was hit with an armor piercing bullets in the lead also isolate young girl killed and another man has lost his arm. it is not a structured and in fact we run to the idea. we can see that already. the tooth but a foam dots plenty of income source the scenes of destruction indicate an escalation in the situation on to train as it seems to spill into crisis this is going to tear with auntie. moldova is coming and wanted to bid for the scifi arab town of constantine alcoa getting reports of a garden full of fight may be in that time shots apparently be heard. alarms going off around the area. big time again for this i still don't ask steve to his seat in the restive regions self
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defence course the abc's the security service headquarters building was a party of god that the times to leave it open just a few minutes. see you fall amongst the thousands of anti government activists of memory those killed in odessa on friday. this isn't a this could also be in control of city hall for many months now and finally the situation sometimes it remains to anticipation about the city's been encircled by ukrainian troops citizens are being advised to stay and goals but they soon may be left with any food because supply lines of the cot. covering the outside is too closely. i miss the people inside sebi on tuesday that the court to remain indoors keepers have read enough icing someone taking a typical that the stillness the calm before the storm although it's not that calm that they feel that the ukrainian on his attention for now is focused on comet old and will quickly attended to study on a scale is constant ache in my past antique shops facing will have no food because food supplies are being prevented from entering the town. so
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people have been chewing on things and keeping at local stores i see say i managed to catch up with one fan he longed to be barricaded inside the hunt and this is this story. the city center is a knock down the streets are empty. people are treated to a truce. use but honestly need to kill us. the genius of the pitch and his wife and i have yet to be honest all the lines. until recently it was a small sleepy provincial town. but friday morning checking twitter. the left up to around four thirty in the morning there was this our national crowns and explosions. i woke up immediately. it was very scary. miss a thing you can wear them together with them as neighbors together with the waitstaff to construct a bio interim president interim prime minister the all out war criminals residents of the pianist has been ordered to remain indoors. continuing on and
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have no intention of sticking asked him to take an efficiency. when it's being reported that the point six it is in the ctc and ten. we tried to enter the city disguise the students who were renting apartments but eventually you will obtain court has many shops will try not to fish and the moon is beyond me is cooking supplies from teaching in the atm is all cash strapped and pharmacies of school of medicine. the coolest thing we like without them. there's no question as to the gloucester where something happens because the cds post. i'm afraid that reducing the start of a looming threat from a family we have the police knocked off how even in my words to me and i couldn't imagine a situation that case. secondly there is about to get worse as rudeness it can make it that the army is gearing up for another on stilts the streets might be empty the creamy. this is the calm before the storm. the crt
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flabby arms eastern ukraine the operation the side pieces because god is still in ukraine into a front recital kong think that's a direct quote from russia's foreign minister has appealed to his us counterpart for washington to use his influence of the kiev. this is his troops against the ukrainians. during a phone conversation the troublesome noted that the european security to the osce could help foster that dialogue needed in between the opposing sides it's going to give a this is the band's release those seven osce for a minute re observers to be detained last week. the group invited by the kiev authorities are well when protest is suspected that they were spies among them. the mobilization thank all parties involved in negotiating the release thanks men with it so much when it come the sa including health service from running a financial favor these days we hear the warning to the government about how cots to be putting lights at risk
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i read. mornings in the book read. last years of the roman republic. there was an article of faith to the romans but they were the most morally upright people as the romans concerns or if you all charges of bullying and to insist that they had one of their empire surely in self defense. this sounds familiar states. on friday that the tram on a diet plan. but you're all like them i duly it by any means the show. as part of the same cloth as his father who is a totally powerful in control. we are. in fact it may be fully in charge. aye
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aye aye aye the eye. hello again. social health service could find itself of the cashflow critical list as soon as next year the leading healthcare thing taxes the government agenda needs to inject extra cash but instead the desert commit to deep cuts in order to save some twenty billion pounds but twenty fifteen. one full of paramedic told auntie sarah felt about strategies putting lives at risk the theater. video we couldn't find her very carefully about the impact of the cup. shopping on the nhs now if paramedics he was speaking adults. we think that it was in bed the seventy five year old man he died. alt delete to
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see how it would have given it to examination of the car crash in speaking and didn't stop. up to the car and in the case called the dead. if the consequences. on tuesday she added in the sea and all didn't we think it's the city to update about his experiences in the arguments that this. though the film sound. patients that ensued in a great job. off to take a nap. i was one of the denial of the pool and a strike for now. this use to think of it all on mcdonald said. prints one need to speak out wanted to speak i think it's just a day with government funding outside the off season emissaries having to do. i'm normal. with less money in its funding. some of the top condition. it felt great to get to the top left going to pick up the slack the somewhat big ten eleven
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twelve hours without milk right that i don't wanna know some of their own health as much is bound by all the patients on them in the end didn't you. the pt ot and if you're not giving people stall. i'm the one breaks to get there or why risk it might continue for ever is there all i have missed it this is what free free and oft times that are released and it's been several homes there are more weeks to play in a taunting its most critical error. i suspect that you will get a chance to make up to twenty million pounds let the efficiency savings like twenty fifty. it's in the baking flour and fold like a painted face of the pristine lakes the race elimination heats with the sec's us. like the dalai is the katie to the national health action puppy. it's difficult to eat. what's that if the nhs. like the hearts of the political agenda ahead of the general elections. i
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think the health care was there it's the cubs won across the board so dry from health and said much more like the service is free zone four hundred and seven cities are seeing increasing cups and seeing patients waiting longer and longer to get in the ocean cool hands in it the meter is now filling up stories with patients to become the key to the sick looking statements on and actually in a really sucky some people are dying in subsidy. our righteousness is what happens when you stop cutting back her up services he took the kids that's great that the department of health. if they can let the effects. service is performing well the writing them seated and eight minutes in molding seventy five percent of the most life threatening cases but we know the service is getting busier since its twenty ten the nhs is recruited sixty percent more paramedics to help longer term nhs england is caring after a view to look at the two moms of services and how the nhs should respond the days of the night
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while things didn't quite decent and beyond statistics statistics on things bottled up into the wet down the service i made it a night out. chris didn't make the most obviously not going to list a cotton like posting on this. like if the patient the patient. a treatise of one family member. and it completely the idea that this loophole and with no valid both the health at the airport to the african sky diving. then in the awarding it to pick up continued with them will have to wait it by adjusting efficient arguments that this led to the nhs as we know it's said that quality reporting from london mauresmo has three stories in brief according to connor and sentenced them to support the dems to present more cd ten years in prison convicted of fraud. it's up to last
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july's been a treat to go monday preliminary death sentences were handed to six and ninety three people of the lynching of a police officer during a wave of protests last year. despite the ongoing instability chip still coming to go ahead to the presidential election this month. rescue troops have abundance the search for survivors from that massive landslide in northeast afghanistan officials say up to five hundred people were killed in that runs deep the casualty number that has been revised down from the regional estimate of over two thousand. but this trip but torrential rains which struck. friday's crunch them somewhat. the bombs explode and cyber security intelligence checkpoint in the provincial capital in southern yemen to manage guards were wounded in the suicide attack officials say that the missile was cut out the flight to smoke on a date which is about to respond to this week's army crackdown against insurgents contacts. the seeming asymmetry coast of the calls about siegel calm about the next moment it is about
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thirty five minutes flight from moscow after the break thanks to stacy here. but china's rice become the leader in global finance the cons report me for the uk special program field option but to see the the week's tuc and going underground. i just rejected in kansas is going on trial for murder but he is very afraid of jerry pages is it because the jury is full of racists or as some sort of vested interest in seeing him get locked away no it is because he is a giant tattoo on his neck of the word murder written backwards wiser and backwards so he could read it in the mirror nowadays we live in a total culture of almost complete entitlements and actually chapman wants to leave jail on a special trip to a tattoo parlor to get the ugly ink change or move
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yet because he did something stupid to his appearance. now it is the obligation of the government to help him fix the problem he created often these opinion pieces i am very crippled the government but this time with them and is totally right. you can't just take everyone on special trips across town to can look good for their trial is in the state's fault that he has the word murder on his neck the prosecution even said chapman who would be ok. he covered up to deal with something like a stylish carport gap or turtleneck sweater. it is not the job of government help you get rid of your very stupid and incriminating get to know just my opinion the room
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and. the shelf. actually helped me to help the garbanzo and cranberry that he is into apples. as a granny flat. golden delicious at court. i found that adding
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some dried cranberries some crumpled up until the cheese and someday you will read to them using the new oprah to continue to pray with you but if you prefer. in the fall he said. it's the mindset of a bow the apple cranberry. so frantic. new and new and one
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i know. the eyes of some of the early headlines now. thus intelligence released all the observers in eastern ukraine and yet continues its offensive. afghan officials give up hope of finding survivors buried in a massive landslide than three hundred confirmed yet. and journalists on trial he did get an hour into the world press freedom day